This is me, and my obligatory mug shot. I totally empathise with all of you out there (there’s a whole tribe of us) who instinctively feel awkward-gurny compulsions in front of the camera. But that’s why I love documentary stuff. You don’t stop to have photos taken but instead carry on enjoying the moments and those you are with.

A bit about me…. well, my big loves are my gang; I’m mum to three beautiful livewires and wife to Al. We met waaaaay back, on a night out in Newcastle. I also love…big family gatherings, weekends with friends, kitchen discos, red wine, Yorkshire Tea, sunshine, snow, the beach in summer, the beach in winter, Scotland, candles, oatcakes and cheese, football, tennis, garlic bread and a whole heap of other things that bring joy and beauty in the everyday. x

Black and white photograph, smiley lady 40 something
Beach cloudy day_
To the beach sign _
family on the beach_